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A hilarious play  'SANSKRITI DOT COM' by the legendary Marathi comedian Vijay Kadam.

Vijay Kadam

This One Man Show is a social Satire based on all the Happenings and the way the trend of IN THING has changed over the years. It is observation based and full of humour. It is a topic close to the hearts of our generation. Especially those who helplessly watch the deterioration of the norms of respect and dignity, SANSKAAR in one word. Thats why the show is titled SANSKRITI DOT COM.  
                                                                                                - Vijay

Date: Saturday, July the 12th.
Venue: (wil be posted shortly)
Time: 6 pm
Duration: 2 hrs

Please let us know if you would be interested in attending the show performed by legendary marathi comedy actor Vijay Kadam here in our St Louis.

Let us know how many:

No need to go to Chicago, Detroit, Boston or LA to watch star performances. With your support we are bringing them right here in your St Louis...

This is an RSVP. Kindly fill in the form on the left if you would like to join us to savor the comedy show SanskritDotCom. The ticket price is as always... 
$17/Adult & $5/kid above age 5 years.
If you RSVP, the ticket would cost you $15 only...

Vijay Kadam

Thsi program is sponsored in part by Priyaa Restaurant St Louis, India Bazaar St Louis, Seema Groceries St Louis and Vitha Jewelers Chicago.